2022 Updates

"I've brought some of the lists of insects seen more up to date with some more bees and wasps recorded at Rospannel Farm and also included some that I've seen elsewhere in Cornwall, thanks must go to Paddy Saunders for checking the ID of a lot of these more difficult species.

Have also included my most recent Map-Mate list of Moths that I've recorded at Rospannel Farm.

The Album of Cornish Diptera has also been extended to now include 188 species of flies. Most of the new additions have come from a list very kindly sent to me by Nigel Jones of those caught at Rospannel Farm on 28 June 2021 when the Dipterists Forum visited on their Summer Field Meeting based in Falmouth surveying the Cornish diptera for the Tree of Life DNA data-base of all living things."